The School

The wonderful location that is home to The Bilingual School of Lucca is immediately striking for its lovely villa and the size of the beautiful gardens; over 2000 square metres that are divided into two large areas. The gardens feature centuries-old lime trees and fruit trees that have been planted over the years.


The building
The building
The garden

The Building

The inside of the building is very bright, thanks to the many windows and the large size of the rooms. The ground floor is dedicated to our Early Childhood and Kindergarten classrooms, a large multi-purpose room which also serves as the BSchool Bistrot, the reception area, offices and staff room. The first floor houses five additional classrooms for Grades 1 through 5 and our school library.

As soon as one enters the rooms in the villa you can quickly sense the warmth of a positive, homelike environment which immediately surrounds its visitors in a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Our classrooms are inspiring learning environments that are safe, comfortable, well-organised and inviting.

The Bilingual School of Lucca is conveniently located a short distance from the city walls and within easy reach of the city centre through Porta San Iacopo or Porta Santa Maria. Parking is readily available behind the school and a pedestrian footpath alongside the villa leads to the main entrance.