Primary School

We provide a rich and stimulating curriculum that inspires academic rigor and an enthusiasm for learning.

Primary School: Beliefs and Practices

The Bilingual School of Lucca provides a rigorous and innovative approach to learning, delivering a high standard of bilingual education through employing the best in educational research and instructional practices from international and national curricula. Our stimulating dual language programme develops each child’s unique potential and prepares children for success in a rapidly changing, multicultural and interdependent world. Our curriculum is inspired by highly regarded inquiry-based international programme models, and is designed to be consistent with the objectives of the Italian National Curriculum.

Our pedagogy is a child-centred, inquiry-based approach to learning that builds on children’s prior knowledge and natural curiosity. It enables them to make connections across subjects and to the real world, and construct meaning through active engagement in the learning process. This approach to learning is based on constructivist learning theory that posits children learn best when learning is meaningful and relevant, and they are actively engaged in the learning process. 

Children learn through discovery, exploration and guided inquiry, and teachers design the curriculum to include hands-on learning activities and real-world problem- solving tasks. Teachers utilize a variety of instructional strategies, materials and activities to address the different developmental levels, language levels, and learning styles present in the classroom and ensure that each child’s individual learning needs are met. Small class sizes and individual attention also enable teachers to meet each child’s educational, social and emotional needs.

Our programme encourages children to become independent learners and thinkers, to ask questions, think critically, reflect on their learning, and to make inferences and draw conclusions. Children develop decision-making and problem-solving skills as well.

Our Units of Study are designed to be interdisciplinary with Language and Mathematics taught discretely as well integrated into the unit. The children learn in all subject areas: Language (speaking, listening, reading, writing, and viewing and presenting) Mathematics, Science, History and Geography, Art, Music, Drama, Information Technology (IT), Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) and Physical Education. IT is embedded and integrated in all areas of the curriculum and is seen as a tool to enhance and extend students’ learning.

Children are prepared to return or transfer to any Italian, national or international school. We are happy to discuss how we can facilitate the transfer of students returning to other national systems.