Courses for Parents

Throughout the year we offer a range of courses for parents on topics of interest such as Parenting and Raising Bilingual Children.





Presentation: Thursday 9/01 at 9.00 am


Course  start: Wednesday 5 february, morning 9.00 – 12.00



Duration: 8 meetings of 3 hours each



Location: BSchool - Via Civitali, 178 – Lucca



Cost: 180 euro (course and workbook)




Communication course
by the Psychologist and Gordon Trainer
Ineke Dunselman MA



Would you like to have children with good self-esteem, combined with a sense of responsibility and respect for others, happy and successful in their lives?
• Are you concerned when your children do not come to you with their problems,
• or that you are not able to help them, influence them, guide them?
• Are you tired of talking and asking and insisting and acting as a policeofficer and they just say, "Only five more minutes!"?
• Are you sorry to have to threaten and use punishments, but do not know what else to do to educate them?
• And how about when they are teenagers…..?


Why take part in the "Parents Effectiveness Training" ?

To drive a car you need a license, for any job you need an education, and to be a parent?

Being a parent is not that easy. It is not enough to just "follow your intuition", read a book about education or child development, or do as our own parents did (or the opposite!). Everyday communication problems in the family, big or small, have a great influence on how we feel, how the children grow up and if we feel united, happy and serene, in a complex world. We want our children to be happy, capable, responsible, self-confident and have positive relationships in the future.
This Gordon Course is an internationally renowned course that is now being offered in Lucca and surroundings: translated into 17 languages, offered in 27 countries, adapted to all cultures. Psychologists, schools, social and child protection organisations advocate this method. Some Researches have shown that both parents and children have noticed significant positive changes, such as increased self-esteem, responsibility and cooperation.

The educational style is democratic rather than authoritarian or permissive. Children who grow up in this type of family have a greater sense of responsibility and self-esteem. The entire family is more serene and more united.

The course gives information about how children can be helped to solve their own problems in a creative and independent way. It offers alternative ways to manage unacceptable behaviours and help our children to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

The course, in addition to being very informative, is active, dynamic, interesting and fun. Parents share their experiences, emotions and ideas and receive theories, techniques of communication, with role play, individual and group coaching.


The Parents Effectiveness Training by Gordon helps parents of children of all ages to:

Listen to your children so that they find an inner balance and learn to trust both you and themselves.
Speak in such a way that your children listen to you and become more cooperative and responsible, maintaining their self-esteem.

Manage your children’s resistance in an effective and gentle way.

Make decisions together that everyone wants to follow.

Solve problems effectively so that everyone feels good (win - win).

Teach values ​​in a constructive way.


Who your Gordon trainer:

Dr. Ineke Dunselman (counseling psychologist) is Dutch, married to an Italian and has two grown up children. After more than thirty years abroad she settled in Italy in 2008. She is an enthusiastic trainer with a lot of international experience: she teaches Gordon communication courses for parents, teachers , social and health care workers, lawyers, psychologists and companies both abroad and in Italy. She is also available for brief therapies using various treatment methods: the Rogerian approach , NLP, Voice Dialogue , Conscious Body, hypnosis and EFT. She speaks Dutch, English, Italian , French and German.


Reactions of parents who have attended her Parent Effectiveness course :

"I enjoyed being with other parents and feel that we all have more or less the same problems".
• "It's nice to discover that you can have respect and trust with satisfying relationships (also with your partner )".

" The course was exciting, full of examples of everyday life and I really enjoyed it".

"The course has given me more knowledge about myself and many possibilities to solve conflicts and problems".

"I noticed huge positive changes in myself and in my relationship with my husband and my mother".
• "The methods that I've learned can help me to communicate more effectively with everyone, not just with my children . "

"I had read the book, but with the course and the help to really apply the method, it has become a very personal experience ".

"I think that taking part in this course was the most effective thing I've done as a parent".

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