Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education is an enriched model of education with numerous advantages for children. We believe that children benefit greatly from being taught in two languages.




Why Choose a Bilingual School?

A bilingual education not only provides children with the opportunity to communicate and to learn in two languages, but also enhances cognitive development and develops a greater understanding of other cultures, and a deeper appreciation for cultural and linguistic diversity. In addition a bilingual education has been shown to increase academic and linguistic performance, raise self-esteem and make it easier to learn additional languages. It also enlarges and enhances opportunities for children throughout their lives.

Numerous studies by leading researchers in the field of bilingual education (J. Cummins, C. Baker and F. Genesee) confirm the many advantages of children educated in bilingual programmes where they maintain and develop their mother-tongue.





Our Model of Bilingual Education

We chose a bilingual education model which reflects the values of Additive Bilingualism where the child's mother-tongue is nurtured, and Italian and English are valued equally. Our dual language programme is based on a 50-50 model in which approximately half of the programme is delivered in Italian and half in English. The core subjects of Language, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography are taught in both Italian and English. Our mother-tongue Italian and English teachers collaborate and plan closely so that children develop the ability to communicate and gain academic proficiency in both English and Italian.