Assessment gives feedback on student learning. The purpose of assessment is to provide students, teachers and parents with information to improve, guide, support and celebrate student learning, and to inform and plan instruction. Students are actively involved in their assessment. We use a variety of assessment tools including observations, checklists, continuums, anecdotal records, tests, rubrics, portfolios, student and teacher reflections, and examples of student work.




Types of Assessment

Summative Assessment takes place at the end of the teaching and learning process and provides feedback on what was learned, and helps in setting further educational goals.

Formative Assessment takes place during the teaching and learning process and informs on-going instruction.

On-going assessment and regular reports ensure that children can easily transfer back into the Italian school system, their national school system or to another international school.

Italian children will be prepared to sit the Italian state school exam (esame d’idoneita) at the end of Quinta elementary and Terza Media.