After School Clubs


Our After School Clubs provide a range of additional learning activities in Italian and English for all of our students. They develop children’s creativity, imagination and further develop their cognitive, physical and social skills.

Music and Movement

There are many benefits of music and movement activities for young children. The children participate in music, movement, rhythm and dance activities, and explore different styles of music, and music from around the world. This includes making and playing musical instruments.

Fatto a Mano

Fatto a mano, made by hand, gives children a sense of satisfaction and an appreciation for things that are handmade. The children engage in a variety of activities to create items made by hand such as candle-making, soap-making, book-making, knitting, sewing, ceramics and recycled art. 


Capoiera is an exciting Afro-Brazilian art form combining dance, music and martial arts.  Not only is it creative and fun, it also promotes intercultural learning and understanding.

Drama Club

Children develop their creative expression through drama games, exercises and activities. They work together to plan and create a dramatic performance of their choice.

Games Club

Children enjoy playing different board games which develop problem-solving and maths skills, as well as reasoning strategies. Children learn how to play cooperatively, and handle winning and losing well. They also learn games from around the world.

Cooking Club

Children enjoy cooking and sampling different foods as they prepare recipes from different countries and regions.

Young Scientists Club

A love of science is nurtured as children engage in science experiments and activities.

Children learn more about the wonders of science as they investigate, explore, test their ideas and create models and more.